Thursday, April 29, 2010

Do you have those times...

in your life when it seems that everything falls apart?  That regardless of what you do for the Lord, your family, your church... it is never enough or makes a real difference?  That's where I have been the past few days.

But anyone who knows me well also know that music is my "word"... music is what can change my situation quicker than anything else.  I love Christian music, especially worship music.  I've always loved music.

Anyway... a few nights ago, I was particularly down.  We had been informed of some upcoming changes with some of our dearest friends... changes that would carry into our church... and even our family because we love them so.  I was so defeated... I felt alone and broken and confused.  I was in tears when I clicked on KLOVE (my favorite online site for music) this song came on: 

My load was lifted.  Not gone, but such a reminder that God is right there with me.  That I am never alone in my burden.  That when my "everything" falls apart, it's just a season... but a season in which if I watch and allow Him to be... my God is strong and mighty!  I just have to keep holding on! 

Praise God for He is to always be praised!

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