Thursday, May 28, 2009

Stepping Up! A journey....

Tonight, I really began to get into my new Beth Moore study on the Psalms of Ascent! I'm excited.... can I say how much I love her teaching and what she brings out of the Word! Wow.

So here are a few thoughts that touched me tonight:

The first "Today's Treasure" was: "In my distress I cried unto the LORD, and He heard me." Psalm 120:1

Beth has asked that we spend at least a little bit of our day, face down in the floor, praying to our GOD. To demonstrate to Him reverence and surrender.... what a humbling thing for me.

I love this quote by John Calvin: .... I have been accustomed to calling this book (Psalm) 'An Anatomy of all the Parts of the Soul'.... meaning... there is every emotion we can possibly feel somewhere in this book! I think that is so true.... I've always loved Psalms because I can find one for every situation, every feeling, ever time in my life. One of them just "fits". Always.

Another great quote from the study was that God's first priority is a relationship with us... not just an emergency response. I love this, but was convicted of it too.... How often does my time in prayer and seeking MORE of Him, come when I need a 911 call? How much more does He long to have an intimate relationship with me... in the good and the bad!

So far the first Psalm we have walked through is Psalm 120... and it is just amazing how this one tonight really touched on something I'm dealing with in my life.

In this Psalm... David is calling out in distress... He is distressed about the terrible people he is living in the midst of. He is miserable because of some of the people who are causing him stress, etc. Beth points out, that we have people in our life on a regular basis who do not put a high priority on integrity... they play dirty and cause trouble. But part of our "ascent" to getting closer to God, and who He wants us to be... requires that we take the high road.

Is there anyone out there who agrees... the high road is sometimes REALLY hard!?! I know right now in my personal life, there is a family member who... well... you know what I mean. And I confess, I've found myself falling to that persons "way"... Lord, forgive me and help me to take the high road. I know that you will deal with the "yuck" in your own way.... I just have to give the same grace to this person as you would for me... even if it's really hard!

I also learned that Psalm 142: 1-2 gives me permission to give God my complaints... and tell Him my troubles. He already knows... but it's ok for me to hash it all out with Him... instead of duping it on someone else.

Ok... that's my thoughts for tonight.

Tomorrow... moving on to my FAVORITE Psalm of all times... Psalm 121!!!!!

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  1. You got me motivated this morning just by reading your blog, Vanessa.