Monday, November 3, 2014

Worship is War

I ran across this today... and I totally agree.  Worship is truly a lot of different things.

But I can honestly say that there are days, when time in worship - with great music and my "sword" (Word of God) I go to war.

Worship is a way to wage war over the things that try to steal our heart and our relationship and security in God.  It is a way to fight depression, sadness, anger, hurt, sorrow, fear, and so much more.  It is what clears my head and gives me strength to keep fighting.

Worship is also peace, safety, His embrace, rest, quiet, joy... and the list goes on and on.  Worship is many things, at many different times.

Worship also, should only be given to the One and Only God of the Universe.  Nothing, and I mean NOTHING is worthy of worship, except God. (Father, Son and Holy Spirit)

How do you worship?  What motivates your worship?  I really want to know.

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