Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I Might Have Missed It.

Monday, I attended my women's Bible study group with my church friends.  We are doing the Beth Moore study A Woman's Heart God's Dwelling Place.  I have so enjoyed this journey thus far, especially since I had just read all about the tabernacle in my 90 days through the Bible. (Which I am still doing, just dragging behind a little.)

Anyway... in our study yesterday we listened to week seek of the video presentations by Beth.  This entire week of lessons spoke to me so deeply, because in my heart of hearts... I am a worshipper.  That is what God created me to be.  From the heart He gave me, to the talents He enabled me with, etc... I love to worship!

There was a part of the lesson that spoke to loudly to me, that I had to share it.  I admit, I have been known to be "one of those" who see's everything as "why me".  Why do we not have the money we need to live "comfortable"?  Why can't we have new cars like "so and so"?  Why is keeping a daily devotion life so hard for me, when "so and so" it is so easy?  Why have we had so many crisis in our family to endure, when it seems "so and so" has such an easy life?  Well... do you see where I'm going with this?

Well Beth shared something that has transformed my thoughts... and it is a HUGE "ah ha" moment for me.  Basically she said:  Blessed is the person when God invades what comes naturally for everyone else, with the Supernatural.  Ok... do you GET this!!!

Perhaps God is saying to me.... you have been chosen to have a "tougher" road... where things are not as "easy" as it may be for everyone else.... because I have chosen you to see how I work in the Supernatural! If it were easy for you "Vanessa"... if everything came simply.... you would never see ME in how I work miracles!

So Blessed am I... that God has so chosen me... to be able to see things He is doing in the supernatural!

Wow... that was just a huge thing for me.  What a way to view trials and hardships....  And truly, knowing me.... He got it right.... because when everything is "easy going"... I am far less likely to be watching and praying and seeking....

Well.. I hope someone out there can get an "ah ha" out of this... because it was just amazing for me...

So just remember:  There is a reason everything doesn't come "naturally".  Maybe that reason is that I (you) have been CHOSEN to see God do the supernatural!  How amazing is that!!!

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