Monday, September 13, 2010

Introduction -

Last night we began our study with Beth Moore on Esther. I am so very excited about this study!  My prayer is that God will reveal Himself to me in the ordinary and in the extra ordinary.  My God is amazing and powerful and at this stage of my life, I need Him more than ever before!

Some thoughts from the Intro Video.

If God has a mind to move into a play - HE will.  That being said... regardless of the office, the position, the situation... .if God wants to move in and take control He will!

Something I have never thought about before is that GOD is not mentioned anywhere in this book.  It is a story, a telling of life, but Gods name or presence is never mentioned.  In that... Esther is a book that lends hope.  Hope in Providence.  Hope in One, not "in the now".

How often have I thought God was nowhere around.  That during this hard or even during a good time in my life, He was not there.  God is never anonymous in our life.  But we need to see Him, feel Him, know Him... even when there is not a "SUPERNATURAL" going on! :)

Father, My prayer is that You would be My God.  That I would learn to know that in You I have my hope and my being.  That in You , I am never alone.  May I find assurance, that when I do not SEE you, or FEEL you... that you are still there.  Father God, draw me to a closeness with you that I have never known.  I pray for a special touch, a special calling and direction for my life.  Amen

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