Thursday, September 3, 2009

Sometimes change is really hard....

and that is an understatement lately.

Do you wonder sometimes why God doesn't allow us to see past our situation to what the outcome will be in the end? Yes, I know that is where FAITH comes in... but it would be really nice sometimes!

My husband is still out of work, not for lack of trying, goodness! I know he has sent application and resume' one after the other for weeks and months now. Had some great interviews, but for whatever reason... it just hasn't happened. But you know bills still come... so something had to change.

That change has been for me to return to the work world after 11 years. Yes, I have cried a bucket full.... but I know there must be a reason for all of this. Someday I'll look back and go... WOW... God was so amazing! And He is amazing. Even in this trial we seem to find ourselves in.

But some of strange blessings have emerged. At least I see them as blessings... lol. I see my children and even my husband realize how much I mean to them and how much it has meant for me to be home. My kids miss me and love on more a lot more! That is a blessing... for others to realize how much you mean to them. I work with two young ladies who are single mom's. I've already been able to speak some words of truth into their lives... and challenge (in a good way) what decisions they are making for themselves and their kids. I realize that I am capable to doing a lot more than I have been doing. (Now, I'm not sure that is a blessing, but working as much as I have, and still being a wife, mom, teacher, layperson, etc. I am doing more than before.)

So if you happen to read this post.... know that some days are bad. Some days are really good. Some days we question God, some days we just rest in knowing He is there. But EVERYday... He loves us and sees what is to come. He knows what we will face and how we will find blessings in each situation. So don't give up! Don't count yourself out. Get moving, get busy, do more... and know God is always in control!

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