Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Pray without ceasing...

How do we do that? I mean really, I am a wife, and a mom to seven children. I homeschool, I teach music, I lead praise and worship, I do this and that and then some! How do I pray without ceasing?

For me, (and this is not at all theologically based) it is that I continue to be in an attitude that is open for prayer. That I try to do the best I can to follow the Lord, and focus on Him, and allow myself to be open to His "pricking" of my heart to pray.

I have learned that it is ok to say a one sentence prayer, God is listening. It doesn't have to be formal and perfect and eloquent. I can be washing dishes and think, "Lord, Help my daughter to find friends that serve you." Or maybe I am giving my little kids a bath, and say "Lord, thank you for entrusting me with this child. Help me to be a better parent and for them to know Your love above all." I think we too often allow ourselves to get so busy in our "mind" that there isn't an open port for God to whisper into.

Yes, I am a busy mom. I have a lot of responsibilities... but I try to not let my mind get so cluttered with things that do not really affect me or my life. I want to have an open space, even if it's little bitty, where I can still be sensitive to the voice of God.

Thank you Lord. And by the way, please teach me to see my children more like YOU see my children! Amen

(See that was really easy.)

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