Friday, October 2, 2015

Still losing....

I am successfully down 70 pounds!  I am so excited.

I admit the "stick to it" is getting harder, as the pounds drop slower.... but I won't stop.

I've finally found the wonderful world of Spotify and have set a playlist for walking/jogging. (mostly walking)  I have found that it makes my workouts go so much quicker.

I am such a lover of music anyway, but having songs I love, at the tempo of my walking is a HUGE breakthrough for me!  Who knew!!!

I have plans to have another 10 off by Thanksgiving!  I'd love to hit the holiday season with an 80 loss!!!

I have several friends who are trying to lose.  I have found my courage, and am trying to encourage others.  It is a great feeling!!!!!

Time for another picture... maybe tomorrow!!