Saturday, August 22, 2015

I've been missing for a while.....

But I have a really good reason!

The past few months I have been on a journey to become a much more healthy me.  With the life God has given me, the majority of responsibility for  my family rests on my shoulders.  It's a pretty  heavy weight to carry on my shoulders.... so the rest of the weight I carry needed to go.

So about 5.5 months ago, I finally made the decision @ 44 years old, to take control of my life.  (Not sure why it has taken me so long to finally get into this frame of mind, but I have finally arrived.)  Maybe it is because God has so graciously placed people in my life that has spurred me on.  All I know is that I could NOT have accomplished all that I have so far, without my friends, my family and my Heavenly Father.

I realize that there is truly nothing impossible with Him! 

As of this morning, I have lost 61.5 pounds and I am not done.  I do not really care about "skinny", I care about healthy and happy.  I want to be able to enjoy life with my kids and do things that they want to do.  I want to live a long life, and a healthy life and teach them the same.  I want to stop this cycle of of weight issues that plagues my family.

My blog posts are going to cover a plethora of things from now on:  my family, my thoughts, my relationship with the Father, homeschool and my relationship with food, exercise and living the life I was destined to live.

I'll post more soon, on how I have changed and the journey I am on.... I hope you will join me.

Before and after:  (Easter 15 (already down about 15 lbs) and two weeks ago at 58 lbs)

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